Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Telling Stories

I was wondering the other day how there seem to be so many writers out there who can say, "I always wanted to be a writer." They loved reading when they were kids and they started writing stories of their own early on. I didn't have that. Actually, I have video footage of me unwrapping presents on my seventh birthday and saying, "more stupid books!"

Now that doesn't sound like a kid who wants to become an author some day. Looking at that video now, I feel really bad about how I acted, since my mother was an avid reader and wanted to encourage me to read more. Eventually, when I was thirteen I ventured into the world of books and started reading a book here or there. The Hobbit was one of them, which opened a doorway into fantasy. Ender's Game was another that introduced me to science fiction. Harry Potter was another great influence.

However, it wasn't until I was about seventeen that I went into the bookstore and searched for a new book to read. Until then, I had only picked up books I had at home that had been birthday or Christmas presents. Mostly sequels to Ender's Game and Alvin Maker, another one of Orson Scott Card's series. When I was in that bookstore I made a list of several books I wanted to have just from reading the back cover and the first few lines to see if I like the author's style.

I distinctly remember three books I had on that list. The Game of Thrones, Orcs and Quicksilver Rising. Orcs was the first one that I read on a summer vacation. It was an omnibus edition, three books in one and thus a quite big book, bigger than any other book I had read so far. That didn't daunt me though, since it was action packed and was just the kind of page turner I was looking for at the time.

That book actually lead to one of my first attempts at writing. I was sick at home and had been thinking about orcs and elves and started writing about a band of orcs that were waiting for the elves to attack them in the forest. They knew that it was on the elves home turf, but they were preparing an ambush. How that battle would have turned out, we'll never know, since I didn't finish it. That story didn't have an ending, but it soon lead to what would be the beginning of my Of Orcs and Men story.

Of Orcs and Men started when I was eighteen and bored in class. I know, not the greatest example, but that's how I started writing this story. At first, it was all one big battle and didn't have much of a plot, but it did have the style of jumping from one POV to another between orcs and humans with every scene.

So that's when I started writing, but I realized that I started telling stories a lot earlier. As a kid I used to have a great action figure collection. I had all kinds of superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, Goliath from the Gargoyles, all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I even had Captain Planet. I also had lots of the villains, maybe even more than the heroes, because lets face it, the villains were always cooler than the heroes.

I'm not entirely sure how other kids played with their action figures. I imagine that they would pick two or three and just have them fight and usually the hero would win. End of scene, end of story. But for me the story never ended. My entire room was set up to house the villain lair in one corner where all the baddies were plotting their evil plans and in a different corner the good guys had their headquarters. I even had a few neutral encampments spread out here and there in the room. I was lucky that I had such a large room otherwise I don't think all that would have been possible.

Years of playing with these action figures turned into an epic saga of Good and Evil fighting it out on the carpet. Heroes turned on each other and villains switched sides for their personal gain. There were treasures and weapons that everyone tried to get a hold of to become more powerful. And the story never ended. If I had to stop playing to go outside or eat a meal, I would set everything down like putting down a book or pausing a movie. Then when I returned I would keep going from where I left off.

Occasionally, some figures would break, they would lose an arm or a leg. Sure, that could be upsetting as a child, but I'd get over it and patch them up somehow and have them deal with their situation. Nowadays, I call that character development. Sooner or later some action figures became dated or were so broken they weren't fun to play with anymore, but even then I didn't just throw them in a box and stop playing with them. They received a meaningful final scene in which they might have a heroic death and their demise could lead to further conflicts of revenge.

The epic story I was playing out with my toys as a kid is one of the greatest memories of my childhood, because it meant a lot to me and I was so involved with the characters. I missed out on reading and connecting with fictional characters in books for a long time, but I was already telling a great story long before that and I'm sure that will influence the stories I'm going to write in the future.

Fitting to my action figure epic saga of my childhood, here's a piece of artwork by Paolo Pantalena. He has a lot of great drawings of all kinds of superhero characters and more. The link is to his website, but I found this piece on his deviantart. If you like this piece, go ahead and look at what else he has to offer.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Direction Of My Story Blog

(by kikicianjur on Deviant Art)

Today's focus is my story blog Of Orcs and Men, which is why I thought I'd go with a nice ferocious orc artwork at the top of the post. I really like this piece as it has a lot of detail and is just a great image to have in front of you when you're about to write about orcs fighting in a battle. kikicianjur has a lot more cool fantasy pieces on Deviant Art. If you liked this one go and see what else is out there.

It's been a while since my last post on my story blog and the main reason is that I've been more focused on my novel of late. I also had trouble with the next viewpoint, but now the post is basically finished and ready to go. It should be online tomorrow.

The trouble I was having with that post had to do with the character and setting of the scene. Also some hesitation about whose viewpoint is next and how quickly I want the story to progress. I've come to the realization that the story has always been more of a writing exercise and it started out with a very vague outline and just grew from there. For a while, I had been updating the story quite regularly and I enjoyed that, but looking back I also believe that I lost some time I could have invested in my novel. I gained a lot from the experience of writing, so the time wasn't wasted, but I could have been more productive on a more important project.

In conclusion, I'll treat the story as what it was supposed to be. A practice project in which I work on my craft. From now on all of the new posts will be more of first draft and I'll try to explore more themes to widen my horizon. I still want to tell a good story, but I don't want too much of my time to go into this project that I have going on the side. Maybe I'll take some elements that I've experimented with or ideas that I've used here and implement them in future works or I'll end up taking all of the story and polishing it up so that it can be published. There's already a lot of good material there, but I've definitely improved as a writer since I started and I think I'd be able to do a much better job of it if I started all over again.

That won't be happening anytime soon, but it's nice to think that the potential for such an undertaking is there. These are all just thoughts and ideas, if things don't work out as I imagine then I'll have to see where to go from there.

I'll have another post up in a couple of days and like I said, there should be a new post on Of Orcs and Men tomorrow. See you soon.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Return

Wow. It's been a while. Look at all the dust and cobwebs here. I hate spring cleaning... especially in summer and when it's more than a year overdue. I'll just pretend I've done the cleaning and you readers can imagine a nice and clean work space. Sound good? Alright! That's better.

So, where to start? There are several things I'd like to talk about and I'm planning on posting more frequently to address everything. My future posts will likely center less around promoting other people's blogs and artworks and will be more focused on me and my writing process. Blogs and art will once again be presented, just not necessarily in every post.

My absence over the last year has several reasons that I won't get into, but my reason for returning is simple. I want to write! What do I want to write? Fantasy, mostly, and I'm doing that, but why should I limit myself. And why should I find myself struggling to get words on the page for a specific story when I could just as easily write something else to warm up my fingertips and get the creative juices flowing here on one of my blogs. So that's the plan and that's why I expect I'll be posting more often again.

(by Lee Kent)

As it so happens, when I decided to return to this blog and thought I should find a nice piece of artwork to accompany it, I typed "return" into the search engine at Deviant Art and I discovered this piece titled "The Return." I've always been a fan of the medieval knight and I'm also of the belief that you can never have too many swords, so the four he's carrying should be sufficient.

Lee Kent has some more cool artworks in his gallery on his Deviant Art page. If you liked this piece, why don't you go check it out.

That's all for now, but I'll be back soon enough.